This is my story and I need somebody to hear it

The following post was written by Jaime Olivarez. It is a firsthand account of a conversation that happened here in Five Points. Sadly, these accounts happen with too much regularity. This story is told to help you pray with focus and compassion. Thank you.Love1

We were walking to our favorite local coffee shop in Five Points called Coffee at the Point. A woman approached us and asked for money — $2.50. We rarely carry cash and we knew this request was for drug money. Even though we said no, she continued to walk with us. The next half hour was life changing for her and for me. What came next was unexpected in its introduction but has become normal in our lives as to the heartbreak, brokenness, addiction and neglect we see every day here in Five Points.

She begins to explain her drug addiction. Her mom is on drugs and her brother died from drugs. Her other brother recently tried to slit her throat and kill her while on drugs. She has four children — three conceived by rape — all delivered at home with no help. All four children were taken from her due to this addiction. She has been in prison. She has been through drug rehab programs. She graduated from them. Her addiction was stronger than them.

She begins to emotionally breakdown on us. She says she has no hope. No purpose. No love. And above all she really just wants someone to hold her — a hug. No one loves her. A hug, a simple gift we can bestow on someone — that we readily bestow on people on Sunday mornings, at an event, with friends, with family, even people we have only known for an hour. This woman had no one to give her that. These weren’t words she was just speaking; this was a plea for love. A 40-year-old woman pleading for someone to hug her. She tells me sometimes she thinks she should just take a hit so big her heart will explode and this life will be over.

But then she says, “I know there is a God because sometimes I just stay in my house trying to break the addiction and read my Bible and sing songs to God, but then I go out and it falls apart.” At this point, all we have done is just listened. Total strangers to her, her to us. She doesn’t know who we are or what we do. Next she tells me she never talks to people about this but something inside told her to talk to us. So she did and now she wants to know why and who we are. Isaac tells her who we are, why we are in Five Points and how much purpose and future and love she has ahead of her. I give her a simple gift — a hug and she doesn’t let go. I don’t either. Such a simple gift but such a needed one. We prayed with her that God would continue to reveal himself to her. We invited her to UO Denver the next day to help us prep and hand out care bags. A huge smile breaks out across her face. She has a purpose for tomorrow. She wants to introduce us to the crack houses because no one ever goes there. Great! Lead the way. And then she profusely thanks me for the hug. Are you kidding? THANK YOU! You have given my life more purpose.

It has been more than a year now and we have had our ups and downs. She has made great progress and her story is not yet over. In January she called us and said she was ready to commit to Jesus. She was ready for rehab. We picked her up and took her in. The next day she checked herself out and we couldn’t find her for a few days. In February she announced there was a new life growing inside of her and she has been making a strong effort to stay clean. She helps us with different events. I hug her each time I see her and it feels as if she might crush me in return each time. It’s an awesome painful feeling.

I believe she will be taking the gospel into the very crack houses she visits. There is nothing in her life that can’t be redeemed for God’s glory. Pray for her story and the story still untold. God has written it, pray she publishes it.

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  1. David Hill says:



  2. Lenni Jo Copeland says:

    God is so amazing! This story has forever changed the hearts of our family as we had the great opportunity to meet and fall in love with this child of God! She is forever in our hearts and our prayers because of a deep spirit to spirit connection that could only be fostered by the great “I Am”. The burden we have felt for her and her new child as well as Isaac, Jaime and their family has transformed in many ways the way we see the world and Gods call on our lives. At a time when others didn’t deem us worthy, God, Oh God called us to witness His great love! Thank You Jaime for sharing this story and the way God has touched your lives through this ministry! We look forward to what God has in store for your ministry and this beautiful woman. We hope in some way to partner with you all to keep reaching Gods people even though we are hours away! The great redeemer is bringing beauty out of ashes! Thank You God, Amen Amen Amen

  3. Josie Archuleta says:

    I live in a small town but I know that even here, someone just needs a hug to overcome, to see Jesus in someone! I pray that as God leads me, I can be a God bearer for His glory so that othersay publish the story that God has specifically given them! God bless you for your ministry!!

  4. Kathy Perea says:

    Thank you for reminding me that it is sometimes the smallest gift in our eyes that makes life changes in others. Praying for you always!!!

  5. Gina Towers says:

    it is indeed very amazing story!

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