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UO Denver friends, God is truly at work in Denver. This video gives you some quick highlights of 2012 and takes you with us to where we see God leading us for 2013. But let me give you and example of just what God is doing here.

Last June, Jaime and I met a woman named *Gerilynn (name has been changed to protect identity) on the streets of Five Points. In the span of about 45 minutes, she began telling us the story of her life of addiction, hardship and depression. I remember her telling us, “I don’t know why, but I feel like I need to tell you my story.” She asked us to keep her in our prayers, and I remember telling her, we will, but we’re also going to pray for you right here and now.” And right on one of the most notorious drug corners in Denver, we began a powerful prayer over her life. In that moment, I knew she would be part of our team, so I told her that, and the next day we had her meet with us at the UO building. We gave a her a t-shirt and told her she was now part of our “crew,” and that God had a marvelous plan for her life.

Since then, we’ve brought her into our life, discipled her, and told her she can’t overcome her addiction alone. A couple of times she told us she wanted to go to rehab, but she would soon back out. But yesterday, on January 10, I dropped her off at a Christian rehabilitation center! Last week, she called and said, “I have to ask you two things: 1) Can you lead me in prayer, because I want to give my life to the Lord, and 2) I’m ready this time to go to rehab.” Praise God!

Please, please pray that God will grant her strength to follow through on these two decisions she has made. She knows it will be tough to break her addictions, but she also knows she won’t be alone. For all of you out there who faithfully support through prayer or finances, you have a part in this victory! She is the first person to accept Jesus under the ministry of UO Denver!

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  1. Coral Wod says:

    I teach a Missionettes group in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We are looking for a missionary in the USA to learn about, help out and pray for. We are learning about Home Missions this month (April). Could you give me some ideas how this group of 3-5th grade girls can help your ministry or your family? I would like to have more information from you as to how we could be of the best service to you as USA Missionaries. I can be contacted through my email or through mail: 2146 West Picacho Avenue Las Cruces, NM 88007.

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