Prayer Is How The Battle Is Won

No amount of thinking, planning and preparing can replace time spent in prayer. And the cool thing about prayer is that the Holy Spirit guides people to pray with and for you, both in times of rejoicing and requesting. During this UO Denver project the last two years, and now during the pre-launch phase of the City Life Church project, we have depended upon the fervent prayers of the many we have met in churches across the USA.

One person in particular has felt God’s leading to daily prayer covering our family, ministry and team. We were so encouraged by a recent e-mail from this person that we decided to post it and share it with you all! We hope it encourages you as much as it encouraged us:


Pastor Isaac,
I felt a need to send you a note of encouragement this morning as I am praying for you.  God is on the throne and will supply all of your needs through the power of His Holy Spirit who is always with you. I pray His love and compassion will flow through you and your wife and crew today and bring you peace in the midst of the storm. There is nothing He can’t do or fix. His grace overcomes all. The more you do the more Satan will attach you. I pray the Holy Spirit puts a covering of Angels over all of you. You will preserver and succeed in your mission. God has blessed it. Enough said.
Have a great day and know that I pray daily for you, your wife and family and your crew.
Love you, my friend.

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