Our Context

Denver is a strategic city. Unfortunately, many drug dealers, human traffickers and gang members feel the same. Located at the intersections of I-25 and I-70, Denver has become a distribution center for drugs, prostitution and gang affiliation. In many ways, it serves as a hub for spiritual darkness.

This is why we exist. UO Denver will be a source of life for the hurting and will serve as the springboard for a Denver church plant. We believe Denver will become a sending place – a hub – for future church plants in the urban complexes of the western USA, all the way to the west coast.

Our Model and Plan

  1. Target the toughest neighborhoods — God’s light shines brightest where it’s darkest.
  2. Start small — start grassroots, building and cultivating relationships.
  3. Operate debt-free — being good stewards of God’s resources with minimal overhead.

Community Dinners

Our vision is to establish a community of believers who embody Acts 2:42. And what better way to cultivate community than around the dinner table? This is why each Thursday, you can find us at 6 PM with many of our closest Five Points friends having dinner, enjoying conversation and telling stories about Jesus.

IMG_2953It is simply us following the New Testament model of making disciples. Each Community Dinner is marked by the abundance of food — this truly is a feast — which exemplifies the abundance of Christ and who He is. Black table linens, table center pieces and live music add to the richness of the evening. What’s most important about our Dinners is the 10-minute Christ story. You are more than welcome to join us and see for yourself what God is doing at our Thursday night Community Dinners. As we say each week: “We want you to eat as much as you possibly can tonight. We want to roll you out of here. But no matter how much you each tonight, you’re still going to wake up hungry tomorrow morning! But the Bible stays that if you receive what Jesus has to offer you, you will never hunger nor thirst again!”